Hive Lettering


Hive is designed for use in dry indoor areas.

After unpacking the Hive light, follow the steps below:


Power on

Hive power on
  • Briefly press the upper part of lamp and then turn it.
  • Hive starts to glow.

Long pressing of the upper part while Hive is in brightness mode puts the lamp back into deep sleep.

Choose mode

Press upper part of the lamp

  • 1× Brightness
  • 2× Color temperature
  • 3× Color
Hive Modus auswählen

If the lamp is already in brightness mode, briefly pressing upper part once turns light off or on.

Select value

Hive select value

Turn the upper part of the lamp to set the desired value

Mode Value
Brightness bright – dark
Colortemperature warm – cold
Color Color spectrum

Factory reset

To restore the hive to factory settings, follow these steps

  1. Press briefly 3× the upper part of the lamp to change to color mode.
  2. Long press on upper part of the lamp until it starts pulsing yellow.
  3. Turn upper part of the lamp clockwise about quater round until Hive pulses red.
  4. Press upper part of the lamp briefly to finish the factory reset. Hive turns in the former selected color.

Hive is restored to factory settings.