The smart dimmer switch

Kobold with water color
  • Brings classic dimmable luminaires into the wireless Smart Home
  • Simple retrofitting for existing switch modules
  • High signal range due to power amplifier
  • Dimming of loads per phase cutting
Kobold Overview
Kobold front side and back


The connected light is controllable with Zigbee 3.0 compatible Smart Home systems like Philips Hue and Amazon Alexa.

The existing wall push button is connected to the Kobold and becomes part of the Smart Home. The following modes of operation are available:

Signal range

With the integrated power amplifier, the Kobold acts as a strong Zigbee repeater and increases the range of other devices such as lights, switches and sensors.

Graphic signal range Zigbee mesh netzwork

Devices in remote locations are reached over the Zigbee Mesh network.

Works without cloud

Keine Cloud

No login or registration is necessary to start up and use the Kobold. The control is purely local, without Internet.


Phoscon products have no expiry date and receive firmware updates and active software maintenance to ensure stability and compatibility. This is part of Phoscon’s definition of sustainability.

Timeline of Phoscon device's lifetime

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