RaspBee II

SD-card images

Our images for the Raspberry Pi provide the easiest start into the Zigbee world and contain the pre-installed deCONZ software as well as the Phoscon App.

System requirements



  1. Download Etcher from https://www.balena.io/etcher, install and start it
  2. Insert the SD-card into respective slot of the PC or SD-card reader
  3. Press Select image and select the downloaded SD-card image
  4. Press Select drive and select the SD-card drive
  5. Press Flash! to start the copy process Etcher Screenshot
  6. Eject SD-card (in Windows Explorer → right click on drive letter and select Eject)
  7. Insert the micro SD-card into the SD-card slot of the Raspberry Pi
  8. Power-up the Raspberry Pi, the operating system will boot automatically within approx. one minute

Login via SSH

The login through SSH allows access to the Raspberry Pi via terminal. On Linux and macOS this can be done via terminal. For Windows, Putty provides the same functionality, it can be downloaded from https://putty.org.

User pi
Password raspbeegw

Login via VNC

The desktop based images can also be viewed without monitor, the graphical login can be done from another PC via VNC. The RealVNC Viewer is required for the VNC login. It can be downloaded from https://www.realvnc.com/download/viewer.

User pi
Password raspbeegw